If You Had An Inside Look, Could Draw From Years And Years Of Fitness Industry Experience From Someone Who's Been Through It All, Made Every Mistake, And Is Willing To Share With You The Few Simple Steps That Made Them A Multiple Six-Figure Personal Trainer...
Would You Listen?

Dear Enthusiastic Fitness Professional,

Do I have your attention? You've just heard from on one of my coaching clients Sean, just a few months ago Sean had a story much like my own...

If you're like me you love or have loved working out for a long time, the prospect of making a living doing what you love to do is really appealing, there's just one problem...many fitness professionals struggle to make ends meet, pay rent, or maintain a really average lifestyle. I remember my father basically telling me to get a real job...

You can be very skilled, have multiple diplomas, certifications or degrees but still not have the faintest idea on how to attract, maintain and retain clients like clockwork. Or if you have been able to steadily attract new clients do you have a business that lets you take time off without your pay check also taking time off?

Or maybe (like I had) you've tried and failed multiple times to hire more trainers. Maybe you couldn't fill their schedules fast enough, perhaps you were afraid they would steal your clients, or worse, maybe they did.

If any of this sounds like you, don't feel bad, know that 1 in 2 fitness professionals have faced some or all of these obstacles; I personally spent more than 8 years struggling to find the magic solution to success doing what I loved to do.

Listen, ask yourself, are you really serious about making it as a fitness professional?

If you had an inside look and could draw from years and years of experience of someone who's been through it all, made every mistake, and is willing to share with you the few simple steps that made the difference would you listen? Would you be willing to do the work to make your dismal fitness business into the profitable, flexible and most importantly the enjoyable career it's supposed to be?

Let's roll back to 2006; I was a solo trainer working out of a local gym. I'd been here now eight years, finished off my post secondary education in business and marketing and began to apply the crappy basic marketing tactics I learned in college. You know, I printed business cards, brochures, posters, etc. I handed them out everywhere.

Fortunately I did do some things right, I did free seminars and even managed to convince a local paper to let me contribute articles for a column on a fairly regular basis. It took a number of years but I had managed a steady clientele, there was just one problem, I was still only making a lousy income, like $40,000-50,000 in annual sales, less expenses, well you get the point.

It was so bad I was supplementing my income by getting involved in everything from network marketing to promoting bodybuilding shows, which in that one month a year my shows nearly produced more income for me than personal training for almost the entire year!

Desperate I was searching for answers; desperately I took a trip to California to meet some personal training success guru. (Truthfully I fully expected his conference to be some sort of a scam but I had always wanted to go to California, and hey maybe I'd get to meet Arnold!)

In California at the Fitness Business Summit I learned that there were a lot of fitness professionals struggling like me, but I also learned there were answers...if I was willing to follow the steps and do the work.

Let's jump forward to...

My notebook of notes from California led to a business plan for a studio; with every penny counted we opened on a whim and a prayer in 2007. Much has happened since then...

  • I went from a solo trainer to employing a team of 12.
  • I reached six figures and well beyond.
  • Prior to 2007 I completed about 1,500 training appointments per year; my team completed over 28,000 last year.
  • Canada's largest certification organization invited me to speak at one of their national conferences.
  • We were a finalist for Small Business of the Year in our second year of operation.
  • I was invited to California to share the secrets of my success with other fitness professionals...twice.
  • I was added to the list of the Top 100 Fitness Entrepreneurs in North America.
  • I began coaching other fitness professionals, a number of them have since reached six figures and beyond.

What's the point of all of this?

Simple, I'm not that smart of a guy, I'm not the best trainer on the planet; I just learned a few simple secrets and committed to putting them into action...YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN TOO!

Every year I am now delighted to host workshops sharing what I've learned with other fitness professionals. One particular workshop each year it's been a true honour to present with my friend and mentor (and likely the top and most well known business coach for fitness professionals in North America), Bedros Keuilian.

Our most recent workshop in Calgary featured some of the best, simplest to follow, blow up your business content yet, was professionally recorded and is now available for your instant access.

These workshops are about one thing:

Breaking down the top client getting, business building, profit generating tactics that will allow any fitness professional to succeed in any market regardless of the economy, competition or whether you have any business experience whatsoever. We make every effort to make it simple and give you the exact steps to follow to begin making a dramatic difference in your business in as little as the next 10 days.

Maybe that sounds ridiculous to you, maybe you're thinking "I've heard that before" but if this time it was different could you afford to ignore it?

I'll make it easy for you - below you'll find:

  • A synopsis of the content you'll gain access to.
  • A preview segment from the workshop.
  • Comments from coaching clients and workshop attendees.
  • And most importantly my unconditional, no questions asked, full money back guarantee.

Introducing The
$100K Personal Trainer Video Collection

Here's what you'll learn inside from Cabel...

  • How to avoid the three biggest mistakes that 90% of fitness professionals make that practically dooms them to failure.
  • How to automate your business in order to make more money with less time and effort.
  • Why email and Internet technology is the answer to supercharging your business and the complete step-by-step blueprint to getting it done.
  • How to build a referral based business that works on virtual autopilot to funnel new leads into your personal training business.
  • A simple step-by-step script to turn prospects into paying clients even if you don't like selling.
  • How to get off the sidelines and take immediate action once and for all.
  • My proven secret to generating $100,000 of personal training sales in 60-90 days.
  • Why a website is critical, the challenge of making it perform, and how to do it.
  • How to generate over a hundred targeted leads in less than 60 minutes.
  • How I signed up 40+ people for our bootcamp in 72 hours.
  • How to easily sell training packages worth thousands of dollars.
  • How to easily increase your session rate by $5-10/session and have new clients ask for it.

And from North America's Fitness Business
Guru Bedros Keuilian...

  • How to only attract serious buyers and not tire kickers
  • How to condition your clients to ALWAYS (and consistently) give referrals
  • How to get local businesses to rave about your training business
  • Three fatal marketing mistakes almost every personal trainer makes – and how to fix them
  • A little secret for buying print ad space for a fraction of the cost you're paying now
  • How to get your press release in any publication – guaranteed.
  • How to get your postcards and print ads to jump out at your prospects and move them to action.
  • One simple little tweak to double your lead conversion.
  • How to position yourself as the undisputed local fitness expert in 90 days or less.
  • How to leverage the internet, dominate search engines, master blogging, and finally figure out social media for serious client getting prowess
  • How to build a large HYPER-responsive email list
  • How to whip prospects into a buying frenzy with a three step email marketing system.

Let Me Share with You a Few Comments from Fitness Pros Who Attended the 100k Workshop..

"This workshop was extremely informative and amazingly inspiring! Not only did I walk away with ideas to better run and promote my business it inspired me to be creative, think positive and never hold myself back!"
– Adnan
"I just finished taking part in the "World Domination Workshop" with Bedros and Cabel, they are awesome! So much amazing info in one day from prospecting, conversion, eft, marketing, business analysis success formulas and so much more. Our business will explode!"
– Wade Halpin
"I learned it's time to go to work and to find a way. Your workshop was amazing thanks!"
– Ryan
"The course was like trying to drink from a fire hose! I have owned a gym for 9 years, and I am blown away by the fresh, powerful, amazing and unlimited ideas that are now energizing area's of my brain that had atrophied. I am once again excited about the future of my business!"
– Scott McDermott
"Anything is now possible, work hard at it and you will get what you want. I am overwhelmed because I didn't have a clue as to how to build my business. I am extremely impressed with their knowledge. This is a wonderful course for anyone who wants to build their business."
– France Phamondon
"Mind blowing seminar! I realized how many things I'm doing wrong or neglected to do in my business that could possibly have brought me 10 times as much financial success. I have a new found inspiration to do great things with our business and be more successful. I will definitely be back to give my own success story to everyone! Thanks Cabel!"
– Kurtis Lolacher

Let Me Draw You a Word Picture..

Use your imagination and indulge me for just a moment, okay?

Picture yourself checking your voicemail or email at the end of a relaxing weekend. Maybe it's a Sunday night, or early Monday morning...

Now imagine that you find five messages from prospective clients – all asking for more information about your personal training services.

Now imagine that you find another five leads in your email inbox and then more the next day, and the day after, and the day after that for an entire week straight...all thanks to your new founds marketing strategies.

Let me take it a step further for you..just imagine if only half of these 30 prospects scheduled a consultation with you.

And let's imagine that you only closed half of those leads on a measly $300/month training program...are you still with me?

That's 7.5 deals at $300/month each – all new clients.

That gives you an additional $2,250 in ADDITIONAL ongoing monthly income all generated in about seven days. Imagine if you kept that pace for an entire month...

That's an additional increase of $9,000/month or$108,000.00/year – in recurring income!

Look, you can keep doing what you're doing now (which if you're still reading this means you're obviously not satisfied with your fitness business) or for less than a pair of shoes you can gain access to information I only wish I had years ago instead of struggling for far too long...it's up to you.

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Bonus #1

Unreleased Workshop Footage

$297 Value

Never before seen footage and the exact slides from the first workshop Canadian workshop Bedros presented at. This footage is jam packed with everything you need to know to start, structure and operate your fitness business, even if you are brand new to the industry. Contains ad samples, campaign suggestions and absolutely everything you need to launch your business.

SPECIAL NOTE: The content from this workshop may even be more valuable than the one offered on this page, why has it never been released? Because the video quality was unfortunately poor but the audio is amazing and with the included slides you will be able to follow closely and absorb ever tactic you need to radically transform your business in just a few short weeks.

Bonus #2

The Ultimate Lead Box eBook

$97 Value

Low cost marketing at its finest with an all new updated strategy that guarantees that local businesses will jump at the idea of not only displaying your lead box but will be asked by their customers how to enter! This strategy alone can reshape your business.

You get everything for a small, one-time investment of only $97. Best of all you get the entire program instantly which you can watch online, or download directly to your computer or iPod. No waiting for shipping.

And your investment if fully protected with my 365 Day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied with your investment, just send me an email and I'll issue you a refund - no questions asked.

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It's time you get the success you deserve!

Cabel McElderry
The Profitable Personal Trainer

P.S. Remember just a very short time ago I was in the same place as you are, I struggled for a long, long time, you don't have to. I'm happy to share with you what I've learned as I have with many of my coaching clients. Access the workshop footage instantly now >>

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